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Witnesses to an accident will give investigating officers entirely different versions of what happened.

One reality, multiple perceptions of it.

Business blogs featured in Valley Business FRONT A reporter and the subject he or she interviews have a similar set-up.  Will the reporter perceive the subject’s reality?  Will the subject be able to express his or her reality well enough to convey some sense of it?

I heard this quote at a workshop years ago by someone whose name I can’t remember, nor can I remember the source, but it’s woven in and out of my thinking for decades now:

“What each of us really wants is to know and be known, to love and be loved, to touch and be touched.”

How I felt when I read Keith Ferrell’s“New Way of Talkin’” and Tim W. Jackson’s “In the Beginning Was the Blog” in the November 2008 issue of Valley Business FRONT was touchingly, surprisingly known.

Keith Ferrell’s “New Way of Talkin’” addressed using social networking technologies for business purposes, including blogging, and quoted excerpts of his interview with me.

Ferrell wrote:  “’A business blog,’ Clelland says,’ should be truthful every day.’”

He heard me.  Yes and yes.  It’s for what I strive in the early mornings as I write blog posts like this and others. 

And in “In the Beginning Was the Blog,” Tim W. Jackson’s kind profile of me, begins by describing those early morning hours.  I felt as if I were reading my own diary. 

My reality, perceived by two other witnesses, as I perceive it.

What a stunning, stirring, inspiring experience.

I was moved.  I am honored.

Thank you Keith Ferrell, Tim W. Jackson, and Valley Business FRONT.

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  1. Anne:

    Nicely written, ma’am. Just for your info, Keith is the former editor of Omni Magazine (a mag some of your techno buddies will know well) and Tim has been in student publications at Radford University, among other things. He’s in like for a teaching job there. He also has a blog (or a dozen) and a radio show. Both are accomplished and I’m dang privileged to be their editor.

    Thank you for recognizing two of our best.


  2. Thank you so much, Dan Smith, for leaving a comment and for telling us more about your writers.

    Fine writing about the Roanoke and New River Valleys by experts like Keith Ferrell and Tim W. Jackson enriches all of us.

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