How Does This Work for Me?

As companies and organizations plan their 2009 public relations, marketing, and advertising strategies, they're looking online – and are urged to look online.

Handshake 2.0 is receiving many versions of this question:

"This all looks great but how does something like a blog work for me and drive business my way?  I am at the beginning of this learning curve and don't fully understand how to even get the best out of what I'm doing so far."

Handshake 2.0's short answer:

You have to establish yourself as an authority in your industry with your words.  That can increase your number of contacts which can increase your conversion rate.

Here's a longer answer, including how to use Handshake 2.0 as an answer.

And here's another longer answer from Handshake 2.0's FAQs, including the answer to this question:

"Blog posts, shmlog posts.  This is all too new and too uncertain for me.  What's the bottom line on why I should buy a Handshake 2.0 blog post?"

Handshake 2.0 is for companies that don't have blogs but want to get the word out and establish themselves online.  They can buy a single blog post or multiple blog posts on H20 that directly showcase their industry expertise and indirectly showcase their companies.

Handshake 2.0 is also for companies that do have blogs.  They can buy a single blog post or multiple blog posts on H20 with a link to their own company's site and blog.  It's a way to make an online network just like the it's-who-you-know network businesses try to create offline.

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