Forty-Nine Dollar Business Blog Post

The best business blog posts:

  • Share what you know.
  • Show who you are.
  • Tell what problems you solve.

Only three bullets to write a "best business blog post"?

That sounds like an opportunity for a template.

We wrote, We’ve got to get your company into a blog.

Here’s a blog site with a template where you can do that. 

While that system may work for some companies and organizations, and the price certainly might be appealing, it doesn’t help you create a "best business blog post." 

Handshake 2.0 has a part template, part hand-crafted blog post - a Signature Warm Handshake - to help you quickly create one of those "best business blog posts" for your company.

While we offer a vast array of services from complete new media strategies, to creation and management of your business blog, to custom blog posts for your company's blog or for showcasing on Handshake 2.0 – and we’d love for you to be a client for our services – those services take some time.

To quote Snuffy Smith, “Time’s a wastin’.’

We’ve got to get your company into a blog.

Here’s how to do that, by about tomorrow, for $49.

Buy a $49 blog post on Handshake 2.0.

Send to [email protected]:

  • Your name
  • Your position
  • Your preferred e-mail address for contact from blog post readers
  • Your company's or organization's name
  • Your company’s or organization's URL
  • A one-sentence company or organization description focused on what problems you solve rather than simply on what you do
  • A two- to three-sentence answer to a question to which you will receive access after you buy the post
  • An original photo as a .jpg attachment or a link to a video related to your answer

You're done.  We set it up, we optimize it, you preview and approve it, we post it.  We're done.

Whew.  We got your company into a blog.

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