What the Business Blog Post Reader Really Wants

Perhaps your company's 2009 digital marketing strategy involves launching a blog.  Perhaps you, instead,  plan to save start-up delays and maintenance costs by placing blogs posts on strategic business sites, like on Handshake 2.0

Either way, we share some ideas about how Handshake 2.0 does business blogs that might be of service to you.

Given what a business blog reader wants, when Handshake 2.0 tells your company’s story in a blog post, these are the responses we hope to hear from our readers:

“I want to read this blog post.  I am engaged.  Through a combination of the quality of the writing and the quality of the story, I want to read from beginning to end.  On an individual level, I am gaining personal satisfaction from reading this.”

“I am getting an advantage from reading this blog post.  The news, information, perspective, strategy, or ideas I am receiving give me the sense of having an exclusive edge over others who have not read this post or are not taking the meaning from it that I am.”

“I feel respected as a professional.  This blog post wears a business suit to its interview.  The writing is stylistically and grammatically correct."

“I feel valued as an individual.  My time is beyond price to me and your blog post is just the right length to convey the message.”

“I can trust your blog post.  You have written with authority and supported your content with links to authoritative sources.”

"In the offline world of 'It's who you know,' and in the online world of 'It's still who you know,' I think I'm getting to know you.  I feel more like contacting you than I did before I read the post."

“I can take action on what you have written to achieve business results.”

And business results are what the the business blog post reader really wants.

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  1. I am getting an advantage from reading this blog post. I want to read from beginning to end.

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