New City Media at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center

The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, a technology, research, and science park on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, is home to high-tech start-ups and established technology businesses. 

Handshake 2.0 asked companies about the business benefits of locating at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center–known locally as "the CRC."

From David Poteet, President, New City Media:

We've benefited most from:

  • A culture of success – just being here and being part of an environment where people tackle big challenges every day and succeed more often than not – it's very motivating and encouraging.

  • Flexibility with our space over the years – we've been able to grow within our building without relocating.

  • Credibility associated with the CRC – it's not as important to us now as we have established a strong reputation, but it was more important early on. It helped us to sound (and think of ourselves) as legitimate.

New City Media creates strategies to grow our clients’ brands and develop profitable relationships through interactive media. We combine award-winning design with smart user experience to create web sites, web applications and campaigns that move people to connect, communicate and engage in new ways.

The New City Media Team

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