Lab Geeks are Welcome at the Southwest Virginia Science Forum

From Sam English, CIE Partners:

Why attend the Southwest Virginia Science Forum on December 10, 2008, in Blacksburg, Virginia?

Attend because Lab Geeks are welcome (and celebrated).Sam English giving Erin Dolan, Virginia Tech professor, a crash course in ADHD diagnosi
How do you know if you are a Lab Geek?
If you translate “Atomic no.8/CCU/GAG/AAC Atomic no.5/GCC/AGA” and it gets you excited…
You might be a Lab Geek if…

  • You have ever cooked food using an autoclave
  • You ever talk about the “good old days” of sequencing DNA manually
  • You ever tried PCR using two waterbaths at different temps
  • You had to postpone your date because your cell culture was ready
  • You actually took your date to the lab to harvest your cell culture

 Final reason to attend the Forum…a law firm is buying the beer.
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Added 11/26/08:  Here's more on the Southwest Virginia Science Forum from Virginia Tech.

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