Keraderm on Twitter

I found out the latest news about Keraderm by following vabio on Twitter.

Here's vabio's tweet:

"New Member Spotlight Keraderm LLC: Keraderm LLC is a medical device company with proprietary, patented, pla.. AM Oct 16th from twitterfeed"

I clicked on the tinyurl, found the news, contacted Doug Juanarena of GenTek Ventures, entrepreneur-in-residence at business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, and got the very latest news:

"Keraderm has started to raise a series A round of financing.  We presented the company at the Virginia Biotechnology Association and had great results."

If you use Handshake 2.0's Google search, you'll find dozens of references to the use of Twitter for business, particularly through guest blog posts from Jeremy Hart.  Jeremy cites examples of the use of Twitter in his own real estate work.

Jeremy Hart pretty much told me to use Twitter for business.  I signed up for Twitter on October 21, 2008.  vabio started following Handshake 2.0.  Handshake 2.0 started following vabio

I reviewed vabio's latest tweets.  There I saw the news on Keraderm.

So now I can cite my own example.  I, too, have used Twitter, successfully, for business.

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Here's how Twitter works:

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  1. This is an amazing post from Gary Cope on how Google contacted him via Twitter and provided customer service!

  2. And Jeremy Hart pointed me to this amazing use of Twitter by Comcast to provide customer service:

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