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Breaking news:  Businesses, organizations, and institutions are using social media venues – like YouTube videos, and blogs, like Handshake 2.0 – to promote their missions.

Virginia Tech's True Life video contest entries are on YouTube.

Looks like 56 two-minute entries.

Here's the most viewed so far, by Kevin.  Very clever.

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  1. From Valleywag:

    “This week’s Democratic Party weekly address by our audaciously hopeful President-elect will not be on boring old NPR. Barack Obama’s going to upload to YouTube, reports the Washington Post. The WaPo says the Obama administration will also make “online Q&As and video interviews” part of its communications strategy. Think this is payback for Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s late-to-the-game Obama endorsement?

    If so, it’s scant reward for America’s CTO. If transition co-chair Valerie Jarrett’s two-minute talk yesterday is any indicator, most of these clips will be no more exciting than a White House press release. Obama himself, though, has one of the most awesome telepresences I’ve ever seen. Mr. President, get yourself a bulldog and a skateboard and you’ll blow Avril Lavigne and Justin Laipply right off the Most Viewed (All Time) page.”


  2. This video won!

    Congratulations to first place winner Tom Copenhaver of Winchester, Va., sophomore geography major in the College of Natural Resources.


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