Catch You on the Flip Side

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

When it comes to technology, gadget geeks everywhere will agree “If it fits in your shirt pocket, it's got to be good.” Flip Video by Pure Digital fits.

Stuart Mease uses a Flip Video to record Connecting People in the RNR.About the size of a cell phone and weighing just 3.3 ounces, the world's smallest camcorder is also the number one best-selling camcorder in the U.S., having sold over 1.5 million units.

Released to market in 2006, this small, highly portable video recorder goes way beyond cute or cool to totally practical for everyone from soccer moms to CEOs who are recording everything from events to corporate annual reports.

Even broadcast professionals make use of Flip Video. At WDBJ7, news director Amy Morris says “It's just one more tool we use to get video back to the station and on the air and on the web as quickly as possible.”

The device can record up to an hour of video and comes equipped with video editing software producing MySpace, AOL video or YouTube compatible files. The transfer from device to computer is as easy as, well, flipping a switch. To transfer video, the user flips out the built-in USB connector and plugs it into a computer. Prices range from $129 for the 1GB to $229 for the 4GB, HD model and are available direct from Pure Digital or through other retail partners.

Social media guru, people connector, and owner of a Flip Stuart Mease, says “Video is going to be king if it is not already and you need a way to add this media to your online strategy."

Adding the Flip to your Christmas list is a good idea, too.

Stuart Mease is shown using a Flip Video to record a segment of Connecting People in the RNR.

Z. Kelly Queijo writes about people and their passions for business and technology.


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