Valley Business FRONT – A Classy Debut

Dinner was late.

Our mail comes near 5 PM.  When the debut issue of Valley Business FRONT arrived, dinner preparations departed.

I had to open it.

The same thing happened when my husband came home from work and saw the FRONT on the counter. 

He had to open it.

After dinner, I read the FRONT cover to cover.

Four Reasons I Appreciate the Valley Business FRONT

1) I learned business news I didn’t know.

2) I cherished the sensory experience of the magazine, the unusual size and shape, the glossy, slick, full-color pages, even the scent of the fine paper.

3) I woke up thinking about the information and the writing the next morning.

4) In these challenging times for print media, for its quality and beauty, Valley Business FRONT could last.


I have some quirky favs, including the signature, distinctive, dramatic quality of all of Dan Smith’s photos, and the animal imagery in Tom Field’s “I Hear Voices."

My favorite pix? 

First is the point-counterpoint photos of Dan Smith, editor, and Tom Field, publisher, back to back.  Like the accompanying editorials, even the magazine itself, they say, “We’re here and we mean business.”

Second is the photo of Mary Miller, president of Interactive Design & Development, IDD, Inc.  I would be proud for anyone anywhere to see her personal presence as representative of the business leadership in our area.

Third is the shot of Georgeanne Bingham and Coleman Gutshall from the article on the Taubman Museum of Art, with a “painting” of their own images on the wall beside them.  The photo is by Kelly Simmons and the art is by Tom Field.  It’s funny, clever, and touching, all at once.


Thank you Dan Smith and Tom Field of the Valley Business FRONT for, to quote you, "your unabashed, unashamed" journalistic advocacy of the "up and coming and already arrived."

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