In my AttaainCI orientation meeting with Daryl Scott, founder of Attaain, Inc., he probably wished I had asked him how I and other companies can apply his competitive intelligence software, AttaainCI, to better position themselves in their targeted markets.

Daryl Scott, creator of competitive intelligence software AttaainCI, President and CEO of Attaain, Inc.

I can't remember my exact words, but they were probably something like, "This is exciting!  Now what?"

Scott offered me a very simple way to use AttaainCI.

He said companies should ask themselves four key questions:

  • What do I want my company to be?
  • Who is already there?
  • How did they get there?
  • What important market/competitor changes are occurring?

He created AttaainCI to answer those questions.

As I watch myself using AttaainCI, and I talk with other subscribers of Web-based AttaainCI, I find myself and fellow users engaged with–and finding answers to–those questions in business-defining, business model-enhancing, strategy-developing, creativity-provoking ways.

When I subscribed to AttaainCI, I thought I was just getting software, you know, like Norton Anti-Virus.  Just a tool.

I didn’t expect to be inspired to think about my business in new ways.

I feel like I have a new equity business partner:  Mr. ACI, The AttaainCI Advisor.

Daryl Scott, creator of competitive intelligence software AttaainCI,
President and CEO of Attaain, Inc.
at VT KnowledgeWorks – Photograph by Dan Smith

Attaain, Inc. is a member company of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, a technology, research, and science park on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.  The research park provides high-technology companies access to university faculty, facilities, and equipment and business-related support services.  The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center fosters commercialization and technology transfer of university research for both high-tech start-up companies and established technology businesses.

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