Competitive Intelligence Software – A Way to Know

It’s still who you know, and Daryl Scott has created a Web 2.0 way to know.

Daryl Scott has created AttaainCI, competitive intelligence software so awingly powerful that I told him after the first time I used it I felt I’d looked at the stars too long.

What AttaainCI does is provide any business of any kind all the competitive intelligence and market research on any company, industry, competitor, individual or investor they could ever need, and plenty more.  It tracks search results, press mentions, blog mentions, site traffic, omigosh, the list is endless.  A company can watch itself and know how it’s doing, and watch other companies to see how they’re doing. 

Daryl Scott, creator of competitive intelligence software AttaainCI, President and CEO of Attaain, Inc. And it’s all online.  Individuals to enterprises only need an Internet connection to access all that data. 

What Daryl Scott did is have the programming expertise, the business knowledge, marketing savvy, and the mind to conceive of the idea, invent the software, and execute it as a product.

I read the review of Stephen Baker’s The Numerati, in the Wall Street Journal, 9/15/08 and heard a recent interview with Stephen Baker on NPR.  Baker’s description of the mathematical and entrepreneurial minds that are creating data mining systems made me think, “Daryl Scott is The Local Numeratus!”

So Daryl Scott is a local guy–his company, Attaain, Inc. will be only one year old in January 2009–who has created a product, scalable to enterprise level, of value to local, national, and international markets.

He created it right here.

I know him because his company, Attaain, Inc., like my company that founded Handshake 2.0, is a member of business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks

A local high-tech company has developed a product of such magnitude and universal market appeal that it could contribute to local economic development through job creation and bring further prestige to the area for innovative entrepreneurship.

Of local leaders’ dreams of the results of economic initiatives, Scott is the perfect example.

To read more about competitive intelligence software AttaainCI, feel free to read these posts on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks.

Daryl Scott is President and CEO of Attaain, Inc.  Attaain Inc. delivers “active intelligence for strategic advantage” with AttaainCI, the comprehensive web-based solution for researching, analyzing and real-time tracking of competitive intelligence and market intelligence about companies, people and markets crucial to the success of a business. The AttaainCI competitive intelligence system tracks key competitors, sales prospects, customers, potential partners, target markets, industry people and more, across single or multiple lines of business.

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