Vision Point Systems: Meet Chris Burgoyne

Meet Chris Burgoyne, Project Manager, Vision Point Systems:

Vision Point Systems, VPS, is a creative software development company with a proven record of delivering smart solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients.  We specialize in computer-telephony integration and custom web applications.

I’ve been in the New River Valley for 10 years. I came to Virginia Tech and stayed.  I am a bluegrass musician. 

The terrific thing about bluegrass jams is that I can get together with people from all sorts of really divergent backgrounds and immediately make music.  The music is something we all share and enjoy, and becomes the basis for broader friendships.

Having then broken the ice with a few tunes, I’ve built a great community of friends and pals, and that is what has made southwest Virginia my home, as opposed to just being the place where I now live.

Chris Burgoyne of Vision Point Systems 

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