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The best business blog posts:

  • Share what you know.
  • Show who you are.  That’s the picture you’re sending us.
  • Tell what problems you solve.  That’s the company description you’re sending us.

Share what you know by answering a question.

The most effective way to answer a question is with a story.

Choose from any of the questions below to which you find yourself knowing how to answer immediately with a story.

After you were 21, who had the most influence on how you run your business, and why and how did that person influence you?

Do you have a “green” component to your business and, if so, why?

What is the product, service, or process you have created that offers the greatest good to the greatest number?

What’s it like to have a business that supplies a part vs. a completed product, or vice versa?

If sustainability is one of your company’s goals, why and how do you implement it?

What’s the biggest story in your industry, and how is your company, product, service, and/or process part of that story?

What’s the biggest problem in your industry, and how does your company, product, service, and/or process address it or solve it?

What is the greatest controversy in your industry, and how does your company, product, services,  and/or process provide a solution?

What is the question you most want to be asked about your company, product, service, or process and what is the answer?

Or try these suggestions from  from Entrepreneur Magazine, January 2009, by Francine Kizner

Write a tribute to your mentor.

Ask an insightful question, and let your readers write a post for you–via their comments.

Show your employees having fun.

Hold a contest for customers to win one of your products by answering a question in your post.

Give a tour of your office.

Post photos of customers using your products.

Join or start an internet meme–like posting eight things people may not know about your business; then ask other business bloggers to join in.

Highlight how you’re giving back to your community.


Send to [email protected]:

  • Your name
  • Your position
  • Your preferred e-mail address for contact from readers
  • Your company’s or organization’s name
  • Your company’s or organization’s URL
  • Your company’s tagline or a one-sentence company or organization description (leaning towards problems you solve rather than what you do)
  • Three keywords or keyword phrases that search engine users would use to find you, your company, or your company’s products or services
  • An original photo as a .jpg attachment or a link to a video related to your answer
  • A one- to two-sentence answer to the question of your choice

Thank you!

Handshake 2.0 expects to have your blog post ready for your preview in 24 hours.

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Each of your answers results in a search engine-inviting, business-branding blog post.

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We constantly update our Handshake 2.0 Signature Questions.  Answer one, a few, or all of the questions to showcase your business or organization in original, creative, business-savvy ways – the Handshake 2.0 way.

If you have any questions or comments, please never hesitate to contact us.

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