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Who is the expert, or what group is the center of expertise, in your industry and how do you incorporate the principles he, she, or they have discovered into your products, services, processes, or business model?

What quote do you live by and why?

What book or article from your industry has had the most influence on how you run your business?

What is the most important business lesson taught to you by a customer?

What was your top “napkin moment” and why?  (When did you have a creative revelation and jot it down on a napkin or scrap of paper and it ended up being part of the origin of your company’s success?)

What business person or business professional had the greatest impact on your business philosophy? In what ways do you see this person’s influence in how you run your business today?

What product or service or process do you most wish the word were out there than you can do?

Why is the “x” the coolest tool in your office?  (The answer could range from the hammer Uncle Fred gave you when you were ten years old to your new micro machining center.  What is the tool and why is it the coolest?)

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