Print vs. Post

An important difference between a print article and a blog post is the potential obscurity awaiting the former.  A print article usually becomes just one more layer in the pile under the next day’s or the next month’s issue. 

The latter, like a diamond, is–at least in Internet time–forever.

This is why one needs to be very thoughtful about the content of a blog post.  The blog post is archived on the blog itself, found by a single click.  And it’s indexed by Google and other search engines, unearthed from what would seem like a mulch pile of years of subsequent writing, again in a single click.

The content of a blog post can establish one as a timeless purveyor of wisdom.  It can be forwarded in its entirety, in a link, or in its most quotable excerpt, hypothetically, to billions.  Therefore, in its relentless presence, a blog post can also haunt one or date one.  An unwise blog post can end up like a chronic illness.  One lives with the distress of it day after day after day.

Handshake 2.0 works closely with clients to create blog posts of enduring gem-like quality.

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