An Elevator Pitch Formula from Modea

Cory Donovan, Executive Director of the NewVa Corridor Technology Council, encourages attendees of the NewVa Tech Expo 2008 to use the forum as an opportunity to practice elevator pitches.

On a previous Handshake 2.0 post, I offered an elevator pitch model from Geoffrey A. Moore.

On Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, I wrote about Concept Camp and how director Jim Flowers would only give each aspiring CEO one minute for an elevator pitch.

David Catalano of Modea left this comment:

"You give a whole minute!?!"

I e-mailed him for his advice on an under-one-minute pitch and he offered it generously.  Here’s an excerpt from David Catalano’s 8/31/08 e-mail to me offering another way for business leaders to craft their elevator pitches:

"Modea is a rapidly growing digital agency. We provide strategic advertising and marketing services to Fortune 1000 clients such as Newell Rubbermaid and T-Mobile. These services include online promotions, email marketing management, web development and social networking strategies. We are successful by combining our unprecedented service with tangible bottom line results."

"If you read that at a New Yorker’s pace it comes to 21 seconds. I’ve established what we do using my own terminology (digital agency), clarify it with words that my target market will understand (strategic advertising and marketing services), established credibility by mentioning Fortune 1000 clients and giving recognizable brand names. Finally I go on to list specifically what these services are and why I feel that we are different from other companies. See, it’s taken me more words to explain what I said than me saying it in the first place!"

Thanks very much, David!

See you at the NewVa Tech Expo!
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  1. David,

    Yes, a whole minute – in the instructions.

    Each Concept Camper revises her initial pitch multiple times in response to reactions from the other campers; and the pitch gets tighter and shorter almost automatically.

    By the way, I read your (very good) pitch at my pace and it took 21 seconds. Does that make me a New Yorker?


  2. Jim, I suppose it means you speak at a similar pace as my perception of a New Yorker.

    I agree that having a minute long version is important, but as we witnessed last night, there is certainly a need for the quick version (I’m visualizing you holding your hand up with pinched fingers as you asked people to intro themselves)


    – Sent on my Verizon Wireless Crackberry

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