Meet Michael Rihani

Handshake 2.0 congratulates Michael Rihani, co-founder of (Koofers, Inc.), for his recognition as one of the Blue Ridge Business Journal’s "20 under 40 of the Blue Ridge Region’s up-and-coming business leaders."

You can meet Michael Rihani, President & CEO of (Koofers, Inc.), at the NewVa Tech Expo.

We learned about his company,, here on Handshake 2.0.

From Michael Rihani himself:

"Blacksburg + Virginia Tech + football = glorious day!"

Michael Rihani, President & CEO of with the Virginia Tech Hokie Bird.

"Whether I’m tailgating for aHokie football game, celebrating with the Hokie bird himself, or just playing pickup football on the Drillfield with some friends – it’s what I truly love about the town of Blacksburg, VA (not to mention the great businesses, people, weather, nature & trails, food & drink, Smart Roads, and overall – great time)."

If you want to join a game of pickup football or do business with, feel free to contact:

Michael Rihani
President & CEO
[email protected]


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  1. I inherited forestry koofers in 1951 when I started at Tech and passed them on when i graduated in ’55. They didn’t help very much (enough).
    Years later, when teaching I learned from some publication that tests help students learn. I tried it, gave students course objectives and 3 composite final exams … (koofers) in the first day of class and assured them these would be the basis of the final exam. The seemed to ignore them and class grade distributions that years were the same as usual. I was discouraged but believe in the potential.

    In a period of distance-learning enthusiasm, I’ll bet Koofers Inc.has technology for an excellent marketable teaching-learning methodology related to the above, especially with personalized exams selected at random from a set of items (already used and displayed within instructional materials). Writing very good test items is very difficult …a reason why a good idea may not work …but it has to be better than the testing mess students now encounter (and did when I was trying to improve).

  2. One of my finest professors at Virginia Tech, Dr. James. R. Craig, put his former tests in a notebook and placed that on reserve at the library. Few test questions were duplicated exactly, but from studying his tests, I learned how he thought and what he viewed as important. Those are invaluable skills to have as an employer with employees and as a company owner with clients.

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