Stuart Mease

Speaking of "It’s still who you know," if you’re in-the-know, you’re sure to have been asked this question:

"Do you know Stuart Mease?"

Mease writes the blog Connecting People, fully titled "Connecting People to professional and social opportunities:  Providing a bridge for young adults in the Roanoke and New River Valleys (RNR) seeking professional and social opportunities."

Mease has discovered a very interesting aggregator of social networking/Web 2.0 news, currently in beta:  Fwix.

According to About Fwix, "Fwix shows you the most relevant and trendy information and media in your local area."  Its sources include Flickr, Twitter, Technorati, YouTube, and several dozen others.

Fwix currently covers five metro areas and was set to launch coverage of twenty more.  Not surprisingly, metropolitan Southwest Virginia wasn’t on that list.

Until Fwix got to know Stuart Mease.

Mease reports this news from his blogFwix will be adding Roanoke, Virginia to its city launch list next week.  Mease writes:

"Therefore, Roanoke and Blacksburg community, here is an opportunity. Please register and sign up for Fwix. Once Roanoke is launched, then blog about it, invite your contacts to Fwix, and let’s get a first-mover advantage on this new site and showcase to the world our region. Next week, we are going to be one of only 25 cities in the U.S. featured on this site."

Thank you, Stuart Mease, for your initiative on behalf of our area and for shaking up Handshake 2.0 by sharing your news with us.

It’s still who you know–and Handshake 2.0 is very glad we know you.

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