Polymer Solutions – Chemical Analysis and Physical Testing Laboratory

From Elizabeth Jewel, Customer Relationship and Sales Representative, Polymer Solutions Incorporated:

Polymer Solutions Incorporated is an independent Chemical Analysis and Physical Testing Laboratory.

We follow the The Fish! Philosophy written about by Stephen Lundin which embodies all of the tenets that has made Pike’s Place Fish market in Seattle a world-famous attraction. 

All of our employees apply to their positions and themselves every day that they are here the four pillars of The Fish! Philosophy: Choose Your Attitude, Play, Make Their Day, and Be Present.  With this philosophy, coming to work is fun for all of us! 

Employees schedule “Fishy Fridays” every month to help us live the philosophy and have fun at the same time.  We have had Four Square, Tie Dye, Baseball, and PDA (Public Display of Affirmation) themed days in the past few months and are looking forward to “Talk like a Pirate Day” that will be filled with a pirate costume contest and a company-wide treasure hunt! 


With the “Fish” Philosophy we have a great place to come to work everyday and our clients get the most energetic and effective customer service.

Elizabeth W. Jewel
Customer Relationship and Sales Representative
Polymer Solutions Incorporated
2903C Commerce Street
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
(540) 961-4300 x (220), phone
(540) 961-5778, fax
[email protected]

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  1. Thanks, Handshake 2.0, for posting this story about our company, Polymer Solutions!

    We have such a good time here at work and we thank you for sharing our fun with the world.

  2. I was awed to see a high-tech company playing four square. Wow!

    I was particularly awed in light of this fascinating–and serious–page on your site, A Case Study: Stolen Formulations.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “A former employee of Company A was discharged, started his own company (Company B), and began producing a specialty coating. Company A, however, suspected that the employee had actually stolen the proprietary formula for this coating. Polymer Solutions Incorporated (PSI) was asked to analyze this coating from Company A and the corresponding coating from Company B to objectively document their similarities and differences.

    After extensive analysis, PSI determined that the likelihood of the formula being identical was very high. The corresponding coatings from the two companies showed virtually no difference. The chances of this occurring by coincidence were astronomical.”

    Again, wow.


    Thanks for sharing your fun–and capabilities–with the world.

  3. This is a great place to work! Playing four square is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how great the culture is here. Likewise, the case studies on our site are a small taste of what we are capable of. With the addition of Steve to our team, I’m sure the capabilities of our team of experts will continue to expand. Thanks Handshake 2.0 for posting about our company.

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