Koofers.com at NewVa Tech Expo

You can meet Michael Rihani, President & CEO of Koofers.com (Koofers, Inc.), at the NewVa Tech Expo.

Here’s more about his company, Koofers.com, from the company’s history on CrunchBase:

"Koofers.com provides an interactive community that serves the academic needs of college students through information sharing. Students benefit from collaboration with their peers and the experiences of former students. Many helpful services span the entire academic calendar from course selection through final exams, and include collaborative note taking, course & instructor ratings/grade distributions, and an online library for sharing past exams & study materials."

Koofers.com gives you virtual snapshots of classes and how specific professors teach them.

Michael Rihani includes on CrunchBase this bit of history for Virginia Tech fans of terms like Hokie:

"Unique to Virginia Tech is the word ‘coofer’ that was coined in the early 1940s to refer to tests or homework completed in an earlier course that is available to students taking the course later, and used as a means of studying or preparing. The term originated at Bluefield College, a former extension branch of VPI, and is likely derived from the word ‘coffer’ (synonym for a strongbox). A student from Bluefield College transferred to the Virginia Tech – Blacksburg campus and first introduced the term. It is often used as a verb in such constructions as ‘to coofer a problem,’ also sometimes spelled ‘koofer.’”

Koofers.com was featured as one of nine LaunchBox award-winning start-ups in this 8/5/08 post on TechCrunch.

And you can watch a demonstration video of how Koofers.com works.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Rihani
President & CEO
[email protected]

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