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Here’s how it works.  We’ll ask you for:

  • Your name
  • Your position
  • Your preferred e-mail address
  • Your company’s or organization’s name
  • Your company’s or organization’s URL
  • A one-sentence company or organization description
  • An answer to a question
  • An original photo as a .jpg attachment or a link to a video related to your answer

Once we receive your information, we’ll polish, edit, upload, and format, optimize with a signature value add or two or three, then send you a link to the blog post for your preview.

Once we have your approval, we’ll showcase you and your company on Handshake 2.0.

Then we’ll send you a value add or two or three on how to get the best search engine results and the most online exposure from each blog post.

And we’ll share more about our signature Handshake 2.0 methods that let us:

  • Showcase your company through search engine listings.
  • Showcase your company for Handshake 2.0 readers and viewers.
  • Provide a low-cost, easy, quick way to expand your online presence.
  • Keep you in control.

At Handshake 2.0, we respect the power of your online presence.  The Handshake 2.0 Signature Warm Handshake is designed to help you get stellar results from your online presence at the same time as you manage it.

You’re part of the creative process and you preview all blog posts about your company or organization before they’re posted.

Shake hands in the signature Handshake 2.0 way. 

Buy a Handshake 2.0 Signature Warm Handshake for $99

Extend your reach.  Handshake 2.0 offers more blog services.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us or to e-mail [email protected].

We look forward to shaking hands–real or virtual–with you.

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